The “Goddess” of Tanzania- Rosa Ree

Told as a conversation between herself and Satan, 26-year-old Tanzanian rapper, Rosa Ree’s 2021 single “SATAN,” talks about the rapper’s battle with drugs, sex, relationships, fame, etc., and how she’s “Not a slave” and “Never gonna be” to the temptations of the devil. In my opinion, I believe that the song and music video beautifully portrays a young woman at war with temptation, desire, and doing the right thing. Rosa Ree not only pulls herself up out of the darkness, but she also pulls up others, giving hope that it’s possible to be set free.

Rosary Robert, stage name Rosa Ree, was born on April 21, 1995, in Moshi, Tanzania. Rosa began her career as a singer, posting many of her songs on social media garnering the attention of many in the music industry. In 2015, Rosa Ree signed with The Industry Studio, which was an independent music label with her and her producer Nahreel. Taking pride in her penmanship and creativity, Rosa Ree claims that she wishes to remain independent as she works better by herself on her own terms.

In 2016, Rosa Ree dropped her debut single “One Time”, and in 2020 she was featured in the BET 2020 Hip Hop Cypher alongside Ghanian artists Kwesi Arthur and Angolia artist Elizabeth Ventura. Rosa Ree also starred on “90-Day Fiancé” back in 2021 gaining a lot of support and followers due to her beauty and supportive attitude. In 2021, Rosa Ree was proposed to by her long-term boyfriend King Petrousse.

The single “SATAN” is told from the perspective of a conversation that Rosa Ree is having with Satan itself. In the conversation, Ree talks about how she’s battled with drug and sex addictions in the past along with how she dealt with a toxic relationship with a man she believed she was in love with. Throughout the song, Ree condemns the devil for trying to tear her down using any means necessary, but she also admits that she is able to prosper because she has God on her side.

I’m personally glad that this was the first song that I’ve ever heard from Rosa Ree. It allowed me to see a very vulnerable and raw side of Ree that I’ve obviously never seen before, but it also allowed me to see how seriously she takes issues such as drug abuse, toxic relationships, etc. In creating such a “controversial” song Rosa was able to provide a voice for many who could be going through the same situation. Though this was my first song from Rosa Ree, I’m glad to say that it most definitely won’t be the last.

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