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With the history of hip-hop, women have had to fight incredibly to make a name for themselves in the industry as well as receive the respect they deserve.

Women began recording a decade later than men which made the industry more male dominated. The delay is understandable especially in the African culture because of the image women are traditionally forced to uphold. Their femininity is accepted only when they are vulnerable or present in such industries for the male gaze. It is rejected though when the femininity is used as a platform for empowerment or anything that put women on the same pedestal as men.

Once women began recording they had to fight a hip-hop culture that is hostile to them. A culture that generally exploits women, devalues them and bases a woman’s value on her physique and appeal. The entry into this world required and still requires an immediate show of strength and skill.

Tifa Flowz

Woman such as Tifa Flowz fought against these obstacles to establish themselves as legit Hip-hop artists. One of the ways they made a name for themselves was by complying to one of the styles of hip-hop: braggadocio. The actual meaning of braggadocio is boastful or arrogant behaviour. In hip-hop, it is the art of speaking on oneself with great pride. The hip-hop culture is generally very masculine and confrontational with no tolerance for weakness. For women artists to be considered legit, they have to prove they are strong and deserve a seat at the table.

Tifa Flowz is a Tanzanian artist who began her career in the 2010s. She has made a name for herself with songs such as “Wacha Zako” (Stop your business) where braggadocio is displayed at its full extent. In this song, Tifa Flowz speaks on the greatness of her own rapping skills and even goes to challenge those who think they are better. In this, she embraces the competitive nature of the art and establishes her role as a strong confident women in the industry. Doing so builds a legacy for future female artists in the future and also gives young girls a role model to look up to.

Wacha Zako X Tifa Flowz

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