Darassa vs. Diamond

One is Hip Hop , one is Pop so what do they have to do with each other. Apparently, there had been beef between the two started by our new-ish Hip hop king Darassa. Darassa came at Diamond Platinumz in his song Muziki ft Ben Pol. He was coming at the fact that Diamond constantly refers to himself as “Simba” (lion) . At an interview, Darassa explained that it did not make sense because a lion can always get killed by any other animal.

Darassa and Diamond Platinumz

Mashabik & wangazaji: inaonekana diamond ameanza kuota mapembe.
Darasa: aneota mapembe, muongezee mkia.
Diamond: anaejiona yeye mkali tuweke mkali nan show au collabo.
Darasa: let me make one thing clear blah blah blah ctak kuckia,
Diamond: mi ndo simbaa
Darasa: sio simba, sio chui, sio mamba, ngoz yang inatosha kujigamba.
Diamond: wanakodoaa kodo
Darasa: sina maneno ya kwenye kanga, kaz juu ya kaz yaan pampa to pampa.
Diamond: watuache tulalee (ktk nyimbo yake)
Darasa: kalale uote ndoto zako za kitanda, c bado tupo macho mida ya wanga.
Diamond: (ktk kokoro) nan kazima mziki, itakua salam huyo
Darasa: unasemaga chambua kama karanga!! piga muziki, acha maneno piga mziki.
Team Wcb: diamond ndo anawakimbiza sasa HV
Darasa: unataka kukimbia na hauna break, wat do u expect.?
Diamond: ninashow rwanda burundi, south, zambia nk
Darasa: bongo,Congo, kwa thabo mbeki, cheza lokasa ya mbongo huwez Ku make.
Diamond: mm ndo msanii was kwanza kufanya vtu vkubwa (tuzo na ma show kibao)
Darasa: vitu vingne havitagaki ujuaji, waweza kuta unatandikia watu jamvii.
Diamond: jinga sana wee darasa (diamond anakimbia)
Ben pol: heyyyy, kamataaa..

The song Muziki dropped in 2016 but noone payed attention because to them it was just another song. It was a really good song. People praised him fro his work and that was that. The beef started when Darassa went on an interview and said:

“Ningekuwa Diamond nisingejiita simba, ninavyomuona Diamond ni zaidi ya Simba, kuna watu wanaua simba, simba, kajichanganya, kaingia kijijini kapotea, Diamond kwa kitu anachofanya ni zaidi ya simba, angeweza kujiita jina lingine lolote kubwa, kafanya vitu vingi sana” He said.

After the interview, people asked Diamond and his manager about the beef and they said they had no idea what was going on. So the question here is… Was Darassa just doing this for attention? Why did he have to come at another artist from the same area? I hope he learned that this is no way to get yourself famous. He needs to work hard, drop amazing music and pray! Going after others is not going to get you anywhere, it will just bring you hate.

Muziki by Darassa

um Ma’am you got some more of that GNazo?

Though continuously evolving, Tanzanian hip-hop has never been consistent be it by the breaks artists take during their careers or the switch up from genre to genre. A great example is my favorite GNako.

Full name George Sixtus Mdemu , he was born in Arusha in May 1983. G-Nako, has two sisters and a daughter named Samantha.

Bou Nako

Also popular by the stage name G-warawara, he started his music career in 1998 at Nangwa Technical school with his friend BouNako. In the year 2000 G-Nako joined Nako 2 Nako Soldiers led by Lord Eyes . While being an active member of Nako 2 Nako, G-Nako released solo tracks including Mama Yeyoo featuring BenPol and Right Here featuring Banx

GNako has a habit of jumping from hip-hop/rap to a dancehall-ish/afro beats type of vibe. Not that I am complaining, I just find it confusing as to why artists do this. Perhaps its the arrogance they gain once they have clout or its because being rich gives them the avenue to do so. Either way, I support it one hundred percent. We need more Swahili artists to go mainstream and I believe GNako is very promising as he had a very busy 2018 dropping singles such as Tingisha and Gengesha.  These two songs are actually a great example of the two different dynamics I commend that GNako possesses. Tingisha , from the cover to the beat, can be played right after a Davido (afro-beat artist) song. He raps in the song to add his own raw spice but the song is mostly dependent on the beats just like a lot of dance songs. Gengesha is a feel-good song that also has amazing beats but is carried by GNako’s smooth way of telling us amejipanga . I would group it with songs like Digi Digi  by Arrow Bwoy just because they share the smooth rap vibe even though it is not throughout in Digi Digi. Though 2018 was full of singles (which we are not mad at), I hope that 2019 will be full of EPs and new Albums. I stan an artist who can make me think and shake my *** all in a matter of a few minutes.