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Dibi is a hip hop lyricist from Port Elizabeth but resides in Johannesburg. He graduated from AFDA film school in 2015, and has directed two of his own music videos. His most successful song of the year is a song titled “Golide” which was in the Top 10 on Yfm’s Hot 99 Hip-Hop Chart.

 Dibi was also recently crowned the winner of the #DAMNKendrickBattle competition that was created by Universal Music Group SA (in partnership with Trace Urban and Yfm) in which he has to battle 7 other rappers to take home a prize. The current single he’s promoting is entitled “Thugs & Love”  featuring the Maftown rapper, Coopay.
Furthermore, Dibi is now in the Artist Boot Camp Top 10 going head to head with 9 other musicians in hopes to take the number 1 spot. Dibi is also in the top 27 for an upcimng rap show titled “Rap4Me” hosted by the multi award winning artist, Emtee. Dibi is now currently working on the final phases of his EP that has not yet been titled. The project is due for an early 2018 debut. He is promoting his upcoming EP by releasing freestyles every Friday. Dibi has started a campaign titled #FreestyleFriday. It’s a campaign which sees him post a video on his social media profiles as well as the internet every Friday, in which he does a cover/rendition over popular songs using his own lyrics. The campaign is mainly to create a buzz for his 2018 project So far, he has released six #FreestyleFriday videos in which he’s covered local as well as international songs.
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Twitter: @TheOnlyDibi
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Instagram: @SirDibi

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