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Jesus is very MIGHTY!


As soon as this song came on I knew I was going to love it.  “Mighty Jesus” by Ghanaian artists Edem, Jayso, & E.L. is a Christian hip hop/rap song. These artists are using their God-given talents to give thanks to the highest of highs. It’s very crazy how God works. Who would have known that this song would come up for me to review. This song is something that I definitely needed to hear during this time in my life. Every morning before I start my day I play music similar to this song.

Some of my favorite verses:

  1. “You think you walk on this path alone.. oh no you must give all glory to God.” I had to learn to not go through life feeling like I was alone. I had to start praying more, and having real conversations with God. Two is always better than one. That doesn’t mean I have to be in a relationship, which is usually what first comes to people’s minds when they hear that saying. Of course, this could refer to friendship or family, as well. My main relationship that I am focusing on right now is the one with the Mighty Jesus. When I fall, he is always there to lift me up. Companionship is important; He gives me purpose, and my ultimate goal in life is to fulfill my true purpose that he has called me to do.
  2. “The only power source I know, the only battery in my back…Jesus Christ.” Everyday I thank God for everything he does and everything he will do. He is my light in this world. I sometimes forget that I’m strong, but this pain that I’m dealing with is only temporary. We must all never forget that God has the best plan for us and he will not give us anything we can’t handle.

I will be sharing this song with my family friends. I want everyone to listen to this song every morning before they get their day started. This song makes me very happy and that’s how I want everyone to feel when they wake up in the morning!


Link to Song:

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Spoken Word or Rap?

Iain Robinson a.k.a Ewokessay is a freestyle battle and Slam champion, Hip Hop activist, South African rapper, and a spoken word flavored Hip Hop activist. Ewokessay writes and recites rhymes, raps and poetry of a performative nature.  He considers this to be the core of his career. He has been a student of Hip Hop history and culture since he first learned to love Graffiti in early high school.  Since then he has been devoted to discovering how he can get to play my his part as a practitioner of Hip Hop arts. When it comes to his words you can tell that he tries study things that either interest or upset him.  The interesting things seem to be his inspiration. In his blog he states “Spoken Word is the combination of all of my inputs and outputs, some rhyming, some comic timing, some serious jiving and some straight shooting without the ducking and diving.”

His song Master In Charge is a powerful combination of words. His platform can be used at his advantage. The way all of his words just flow together makes you want to hear what else he has in store.

My favorite verse from song:

  1. “I know where I’m gonna be 20 years time, still on the mic rapping old man rhymes.” I think that his confidence is at the right level. His word flow is unstoppable and he is on his way to the top.


Link to Song:





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Team Dibi

Dibi is a hip hop lyricist from Port Elizabeth but resides in Johannesburg. He graduated from AFDA film school in 2015. and has directed two of his own music videos. His most successful song of the year is a song titled “Golide” which was in the Top 10 on Yfm’s Hot 99 Hip-Hop Chart. Dibi was also recently crowned the winner of the #DAMNKendrickBattle competition that was created by Universal Music Group SA (in partnership with Trace Urban and Yfm) in which he has to battle 7 other rappers to take home a prize. The current single he’s promoting is entitled “Thugs & Love”  featuring the Maftown rapper, Coopay. Furthermore, Dibi is now in the Artist Boot Camp Top 10 going head to head with 9 other musicians in hopes to take the number 1 spot. Dibi is also in the top 27 for an upcimng rap show titled “Rap4Me” hosted by the multi award winning artist, Emtee. Dibi is now currently working on the final phases of his EP that has not yet been titled. The project is due for an early 2018 debut. He is promoting his upcoming EP by releasing freestyles every Friday. Dibi has started a campaign titled #FreestyleFriday. It’s a campaign which sees him post a video on his social media profiles as well as the internet every Friday, in which he does a cover/rendition over popular songs using his own lyrics. The campaign is mainly to create a buzz for his 2018 project So far, he has released six #FreestyleFriday videos in which he’s covered local as well as international songs.
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Willie-B Hopes to Reach the Souls of His Audience.


Panashe Wilbrod Pfunye, better known by his stage name Will-Broad is a 22 year old Zimbabwean rapper. He has just released his promo track to his debut single entitled Only Son. The song is a fusion of African Jazz and Hip Hop. From a young age, Will-Broad music has always played a major role in his life. He started writing r&b songs at the age of 12, but soon realized that his passion was more amplified when he focused on music that would preach about life lessons and the sharing of different stories that he saw different people experiencing. Will-Broad started his rap career years later as he was free-styling as a joke with a couple of his friends. In November 2016, he then met up with members of Afro Kreative music and Fashion Gang records where he recorded his first few tracks. At the time he was a “trap” rapper, but in early 2017, he was then guided at Enlisted International records, where Victor Mhonde better known Victor Enlisted encouraged him to focus on jazz based hip hop. Will-Broad is Known by the names Willie-B and Guest The Ghost in different parts of the country.

The song speaks about how he is willing to do anything to succeed but fear what I might be forced to do in order to succeed.  Awareness of what you want to do in life is the first step in succeeding. Many times people just accept how comfortable they are in their lives. Only you can help you be a better person. What is the vision you have for yourself? Just like feeding our bodies, the soul needs to be nurtured on a daily basis. One great tool is to write down your visions. Your visions help keep your mind on all the good things that you want. Willie-B is an artist who hopes to reach the soul of his audience through his music. I think this song did just that.


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N-jay.52 Has an Ocean Special

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of N-Jay.52 songs once again. Njabulo Skondo (born September 26, 1995), known as N-jay.52, is a South African rapper from Engcobo, Eastern Cape. N-jay.52 embarked on his musical career as a teenager releasing a mixtape that sparked the birth of 3rd Grave 1.0.2. In 2011 he released his first mixtape titled The Son of Victoria and the following year, he released a sequel of the project, The Son of Victoria:2.

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Chile Has A Great Story To Tell!


Chileshe Kasuba, widely known as Chile, is a Zambian rapper, singer, producer and sound engineer based in Ukraine. He was introduced to hip hop music through his cousins in the late 90’s and ever since then has the loved and practiced the art. Growing up on the Copperbelt region of Zambia, which is considered the HQ of hip hop in Zambia,Chile learned a handful of things about the art of music and hip hop in particular.

Chile’s sound is predominantly influenced by west coast rap, a touch of R&B/Pop and his love for house music also makes its way into some of his music. A recording artist since 2005, Chile has been recording music for a while, but just recently got into the production aspect of the art in 2013. After a move to Ukraine to further his studies he deemed it necessary to learn and acquire extensive knowledge in production and sound engineering. Ever since then he has been nominated for several awards in Ukraine and is currently signed to an indie label he co-owns called

He hopes to one day share his stories, experiences, love and hope to the world through music. He wants to shine a light on Africa, a place he holds dear to his heart. I got the opportunity to listen to his single called Loud Silence. Loud Silence is a love story about deceit, hope and the painful truth. This song tells a story about how the love of his life walked out of his life one day. She made a promise that she would always come back but it didn’t turn out that way. He planned his entire life around this one person, but unfortunately nothing went as planned. I love songs that tell stories, I would listen to this when I was going through a heart-break to feel like I wasn’t going through my hard times alone. Chile is that one artist that many that have listened to his music say he does have a unique sound and the world should look out for him.

Link to Music Video:
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NPK Twice Is In His PRIME


Born Pat Nkosinathi Pat Khoza but better known as NPK Twice. He is a South African Rapper,Entrepreneur,Poet, and Creative. The NPK are actually his initials and the Twice was given to him by a close friend in a cypher. He started rapping in 2010 under a crew called Fusion. NPK Founded the label Syntex Inc in 2014 after talks for him to join Sony Music Africa failed. He has also worked on the West Rand Music Awards and West Side Entertainment.

At the age of 12, NPK Twice began to write and compose his own lyrics, focusing heavily on his rhyme scheme and flow, as a result of a heavy Lil Wayne influence in the year of 2007, disregarding subject matter and content for the time being. His first rap, a 16 second, 8 bar verse, could easily have been confused for a nursery rhyme.

The music I usually get sent is just a song/single. When I received this EP, I was pretty excited to listen to more than one song! Each song has really dope beats. I was doing a little dance to all of them! I feel like the use of profanity could have been left out in some of them, a good rapper does not have to curse in every song he or she makes. The lyrics are great by themselves to not use “bad words.”

My favorite song is Trippin On Me, the beat is just amazing and sounds like a song that would make everyone in the club and just vibe to the song. After the beat drops the catchy chorus comes on and I can’t get it out of my head. I feel like this song shows his personality, because it is a very fun upbeat song. This song would definitely make everyone’s girlfriends trip on NPK Twice! I would watch out for this artist is on a rise to the top and in his PRIME.

Link to EP:


Facebook page:

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We All Need A Soul Dreamer

Njabulo Skondo (born September 26, 1995), known as N-jay.52, is a South African rapper from Engcobo, Eastern Cape. N-jay.52 embarked on his musical career as a teenager releasing a mixtape that sparked the birth of 3rd Grave 1.0.2. In 2011 he released his first Mixtape titled The Son of Victoria and the following year, he released a sequel of the project, The Son of Victoria:2.

N-jay.52 began to gain major recognition in 2016 after the release of his debut single “From Me” which is taken from his upcoming critically acclaimed studio EP titled “Lord Forgive Me For My Dreams”. He enjoys the moderate success of his mix tape titled Bipolar released in 2016 and currently has a video out for the mixtapes standout single “For The City”. This single is from his upcoming LP titled “cEvil:”A Townships Tale”. This song is about a South African dreamer who shares his experiences when he dreamed as a child and how he dreams now as a young man.

This is the type of music I enjoy listening to. Artist that sings/raps about REAL life experiences make REAL music! The amount of personal information N-jay.52 exposes in this song means he isn’t afraid to share his journey to success. This song could come off as vulnerable but that is not the case at all. He is sharing his story to tell the listeners that you don’t have to be stuck in your situation. I would definitely be looking out for more music by Njay52, and Soul Dreamin has just been added to my “fave song” list. He is an artist that everyone is to look out for.

No matter what you are going through remember to always stay committed to your dreams/goals. Being aware of situations means you have taken the first step in realizing that change needs to be made. Never let anyone determine your destiny for you. Your life is yours and you’re the only one who can make it better for yourself.


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Everyone Needs To STAY WOKE on The Artist Dee Wyz

Link to Dee Wyz- Stay Woke

Stay Woke-

/stā/ /wōk/

Deriving from “stay awake,” to stay woke is to keep informed of the storm going on around you in times of turmoil and conflict.

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