1.  If I heard this come on the radio in my car I would not turn the station.
  2. This is one of those songs that when it comes on everyone just vibes to it.

V-Way was one of the Top 18 contestants in X-factor South Africa 2014. He was the last standing rapper in the competition who garnered praise and appreciation from the likes of Oskido during his run. With a flow that glides over any beat effortlessly combining vernacular and English lyricism he creates an energetic and locally infused brand of music. He is a member of the hopeboyclub and founder of Pretoria’s very own Only The Illest (OTI) hip hop crew.

V-Way The Hero is definitely a ladies’ man. Most of his songs are anthems that celebrate women of every shape and size, school of thought, skin color and religion. The beat produced by Taurus The Mind is a funky throwback to hip-hop’s hey day with the crisp production quality of a 2017 jam. #Uber2DaCrib is shout out to all the ladies who make such a good impression that you can’t help but uber them to the crib. This jam is set to prime hip-hop dance floors for the summer.

With the reference with some hip hop icon’s like French Montana and Flo Rida. V-Way clearly has confidence in his music career. I think he should be very confident in his career with a catchy song like this one if he keeps producing “popping” hits he should be headed to the top in no time. I will be on a look out for more music by V-Way I always need a song to dance around the house while I’m cleaning or just in the mood to listen to some chill music. You can never have too many songs where you can just turn them on and just let them play on repeat.

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