Jesus is very MIGHTY!

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As soon as this song came on I knew I was going to love it.  “Mighty Jesus” by Ghanaian artists Edem, Jayso, & E.L. is a Christian hip hop/rap song. These artists are using their God-given talents to give thanks to the highest of highs. It’s very crazy how God works. Who would have known that this song would come up for me to review. This song is something that I definitely needed to hear during this time in my life. Every morning before I start my day I play music similar to this song.

Some of my favorite verses:

  1. “You think you walk on this path alone.. oh no you must give all glory to God.” I had to learn to not go through life feeling like I was alone. I had to start praying more, and having real conversations with God. Two is always better than one. That doesn’t mean I have to be in a relationship, which is usually what first comes to people’s minds when they hear that saying. Of course, this could refer to friendship or family, as well. My main relationship that I am focusing on right now is the one with the Mighty Jesus. When I fall, he is always there to lift me up. Companionship is important; He gives me purpose, and my ultimate goal in life is to fulfill my true purpose that he has called me to do.
  2. “The only power source I know, the only battery in my back…Jesus Christ.” Everyday I thank God for everything he does and everything he will do. He is my light in this world. I sometimes forget that I’m strong, but this pain that I’m dealing with is only temporary. We must all never forget that God has the best plan for us and he will not give us anything we can’t handle.

I will be sharing this song with my family friends. I want everyone to listen to this song every morning before they get their day started. This song makes me very happy and that’s how I want everyone to feel when they wake up in the morning!

Link to Song:

Edem’s Twitter: @iamedem
Jayso’s Twitter: @jaysoskillions
E.L.’s Twitter: @ELgh_

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