Tabi Bonney Album Review: The Summer Years

Yes Tabi Bonney does use a language other than English, but it was only one word of French. In his songs “Feeling” and “Big Dreams” he says “au revoir.” Tabu didn’t say anything about his own immigration experiences in this album. Tabi didn’t say much about African immigration either. He did’t represent his country or Africa. I think he might have moved on from his country, altough he is Togo he represents D.C. much more than where he was originally born. He didn’t talk about social or political topics either. The intended audience I believe is people who like mainstream music. his songs were more focused on mainstream people who love hip-hop. No he didn’t mention African Americans at all. I thought the album was pretty good he did change his tactics in making this album. He talked more about girls, haters, and drugs than anything African related. My favorite song off the album is “Chasing” because I just love how he changed it up and added the piano as the fill instead of a beat. Another reason why I love it so much is that what he is saying in the song is no matter what chase your dreams don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you work hard for it you may be able to reach your dream. I truly believe in that, reaching your dream takes a lot of hard work, but in the end it is all worth it.

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