Summer Years

The most recent album of Tabi Bonney’s is The Summer Years. This album, along with the previous album Fresh, was carefully structured and proved to

Biography of Tabi Bonney

The year is 1970 and Itadi Bonney was the most influential and most celebrated musicians in Togo. Heavily influenced in politics, he wrote a song

Tabi Bonney Biography: Washington Post “Tabi Bonney’s hip-hop stems from his Father’s Musical Influence

Tabi was born in Togo in 1977, his father was a musician who was one of the most celebrated musician in his country. His father

Tabi Bonney Bio

Tabi Bonney Biography Tabiabue Bonney  (Tabi’s birthname)was born in 1977 in West Africa, in Lome, Togo.  For the first 13 years of his life he

Tabi Bonney Album Review – “The Summer Years”

This album is very diverse in its cuts, mostly due to the various other artists Tabi has collaborated with.  There is nothing that I heard


In his sophomore album “Dope” Tabi Bonney comes a bit harder in terms of the production quality, and in some cases his lyrics. Listening to

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