Tabi Bonney Album Review: Fresh

In Tabi’s album, he does use a language other than English but’s its only a little French. For example in his song “Yeah Go” he says “au revoir”, another example would be in his song “Sunlight” were in the beginning he says “como tale vu.” He didn’t talk much about his immigration experiences in this album either. Tabi Bonney didn’t say much about African immigration. Tabi represemts his country and Africa in his song “Yeah Go” he says “effortless you cannot mess with this Togo kid is bigger than anything you’ve ever did, West Africais up in the b**ch.” I believe the intended audience is people who have a dream but can’t reach it or don’t really try to achieve that dream. The other intended audience is guys who are trying to chase after girls. He did’nt necessarily talk about African Americans. The album had a mix of beats and electro-pop. I enjoyed every song off the album, by far the best album I have ever heard. I never really liked a whole album from an artist before I only liked about one or two songs off the album. But Tabi’s album would be the very first album where I liked every song. My all time favorite off the album is “Sunlight” I just loved the mix of the piano and the xylophone. The song hit me deep in my heart and the lyrics are just so calming. Whenever I play it, it always puts a smile on my face and gets me ready for my day.

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