Tabi Bonney Album Review: Dope

In Tabi bonney’s album Dope he hasn’t used a language other than English. He still hasn’t said much about his immigration experiences. He didn’t talk about African immigration in this album at all either. Tabi Bonney didn’t cover any social or political topics at all, but he does mention Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama. For example in his song “Go Hard” he says “not everyone can turn their dreams into tangible things like it ain’t no thang. I told them that we got Luther King and we got Obama so what are you saying…” I beleive that what he means is that look at how these two important figures to the black community made their dreams come true. Martin made his dream come true by getting the black community their freedom in America. Obama made his dream come true by becoming the president. Tabi does mention African Americans  in the song “Duhh” by saying “them Africans is coming up, I should know I’m one of them Wale what up.” He also mentions somethingabout revolution in Africa in his song “Kick Rocks.” “I let you talk revolution babe, sign me up for like ten gernades. So I can set it off, just like the Akas. I’m talking pink and green, African machine.” This could mean one of two things; he could be talking about the revolution in Africa or starting one. But I’m pretty sure he is talking about the revolution in Africa. Again he didn’t mention his country or Africa in this album. The same intended audience for this album is pretty much hip-hop lovers. I didn’t really like many songs off this album, but nontheless it’s still a good album. My favorite songs are Rock Bammas, Kick Rocks, and Duhh. This album had some pretty nice beats, good lyrics, and some meaning in the songs.

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