Michael Owusu Addo, also known as Sarkodie is a thirty-six-year-old rapper from Tema, Ghana. Sarkodie has been in the music industry for over fifteen years and consistently remains on top. He has received over 200 awards and nominations that which include BET and MTV awards in the United States. Many people are most familiar with his songs, “U Go Kill Me”, “Adonai”, as well as, “Can’t Let You Go.” He is known for his versatile music that brings zeal all around. Sarkodie has songs that can make you dance, relate to your love life, and have you rejoicing the Lord in the center of your home. His use of Twi and English adds to his rap style along with the messages he tries to convey in his music.

For example, in his recent 2020 song Happy Day featuring Kuami Eugene, he uses a mixture of Twi and English which makes the song sound more authentic because he is able to communicate with his listeners without “dumbing down” his words just so they can understand the point of his lyrics. What is he trying to communicate? What message is he trying to convey in this song? One simple word, hope. In such times especially in Ghana, the aspiration and morale of the people have declined.

“Nia yehowa ahyehyɛ da wenim n masa, s3 weni bɔso paa one time wo bɛ shocki,” which can be loosely translated to “What Jehovah has planned for you, if you were to see it one time, you would be shocked.” Happy Day is all about remaining hopeful and remembering that God has a plan for everyone. Although it may not be seen during these times he is always there, so remain happy and be joyful because good times are coming. This is only one out of his many songs, I hope he continues to release music similar to this song which brings positivity and faith back to the people.

Happy Day ft. Kuami Eugene, released November 2, 2020.

You can check out the rest of his songs and videos by clicking the icons below.

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