Review: Trap King Chrome

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a South West London based Rap artist named “Trap King Chrome” who recently released a song called “Very Dangerous Noma Sana”. He’s got a lot going on in regards to success of his career and outreach in his seven years since starting his career. He’s scored openings for Grandpa Records, Bingwa Music Awards. He has performed all over the Nairobi including the Prestigious Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Center and as guest judge for Akon’s Music Star Trace, Notting Hill Carnival, Country Show,. He’s organized his own events such as “One Night Only”, a fashion show, Young N reckless Pool Party, Urban Mic, a competition show for musicians, he’s received reviews by ‘The Niaje!’, Ghafla, X-News etc. He’s also been featured on Hits FM and 1 FMs Spanking new music, featured on tracks with everyone in Nairobi Visita to Videz Hybrid, ,Kenrazy, Bruno Kips etc. All in all, he has definitely been “grinding” throughout the duration of his career thus far. Hi song “Very dangerous Noma Sana” is a rap song that kind of reminded me of American trap music. In my opinion, his music can definitely correlate to the trending hip hop/rap music in today’s African American society even though he is London based. I would definitely recommend his work to any person who really likes the whole trap music feel like the trending music that’s out today as well as anyone who likes supporting up and coming rap artists from other countries. Trap King Chrome is one to look out for in the upcoming years, I am sure his work will become highly recognized if he keeps the consistency of his outreach and continues to put out more music to his growing audience.

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