Review: “Story”by Minz

I had the pleasure in choosing to review one of my favorites, Minz! Damilola Aminu aka Minz, is a recording artist, singer/songwriter from Lagos, Nigeria and producer that produced one of his recent songs “Story”, which has been by far, one of my favorite Afrobeats type of songs. A fun fact about Minz is a recent graduate of International Law from Babcock University but decided to pursue his dream of making music in 2016 and as we can see, has definitely started to pay off. Minz also refers himself as “fireboy” or says the phrase “minzu lode” in all of his songs, which is a cool indicator when listening to a song that it’s him singing it. Once I heard “Story”, I automatically downloaded and kept it on repeat because the beat is that good! Although the song contains some lyrics that I don’t understand, I get the gist of it, which is about him singing to a women he will do anything in the world for and professing his potential love for her. Other than the lyrics, this is definitely the type of song where your body will move without you even knowing because of how smooth the beat is. Minz also has other work out like one of his other popular songs called “Aunty Paticia” produced by Mowizzy and Minz himself, which is another song I suggest to listen to for anyone into Afrobeats music. It will move you (literally)! I highly recommend everyone, even if you don’t usually listen to Afrobeats, to take a listen to “Story” by Minz and you will not regret it. I’m sure you will keep the song on repeat too! Check them out and happy listening!

Here are his soundCloud and Youtube Links to stream his work:



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Review: Trap King Chrome

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a South West London based Rap artist named “Trap King Chrome” who recently released a song called “Very Dangerous Noma Sana”. He’s got a lot going on in regards to success of his career and outreach in his seven years since starting his career. He’s scored openings for Grandpa Records, Bingwa Music Awards. He has performed all over the Nairobi including the Prestigious Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Center and as guest judge for Akon’s Music Star Trace, Notting Hill Carnival, Country Show,. He’s organized his own events such as “One Night Only”, a fashion show, Young N reckless Pool Party, Urban Mic, a competition show for musicians, he’s received reviews by ‘The Niaje!’, Ghafla, X-News etc. He’s also been featured on Hits FM and 1 FMs Spanking new music, featured on tracks with everyone in Nairobi Visita to Videz Hybrid, ,Kenrazy, Bruno Kips etc. All in all, he has definitely been “grinding” throughout the duration of his career thus far. Hi song “Very dangerous Noma Sana” is a rap song that kind of reminded me of American trap music. In my opinion, his music can definitely correlate to the trending hip hop/rap music in today’s African American society even though he is London based. I would definitely recommend his work to any person who really likes the whole trap music feel like the trending music that’s out today as well as anyone who likes supporting up and coming rap artists from other countries. Trap King Chrome is one to look out for in the upcoming years, I am sure his work will become highly recognized if he keeps the consistency of his outreach and continues to put out more music to his growing audience.

His website:

Here are his YouTube and Soundcloud Links:


Review: “Skop skiet en Donder” by COPA

This week I had the pleasure to Review another up and coming Artist named COPA from Cape Town South Africa. The song I’ll be mentioning is “skop skiet en donder” which I have no idea what it says/means but for me, it’s more about the beat of a song over the lyrics any day. The beat to this song had a throwback 90’s hip hop feel to it which I appreciated. I was not expecting that 90’s feel prior to listening to the song. The second thing I thought of whilst listening to this song was, it would do great in an action movie! Or one of those movies centered around an undercover agent/investigator. Go ahead and listen to it, I’m sure you’ll agree with me! Even though I could not understand most of what the artist was saying, I can infer that the goal of the artist was to emphasize the throwback vibe of the foundation of hip-hop and also incorporate his own culture with the language/dialect he speaks in. Apart from COPA’s music, the aesthetic theme of his art on his song covers gives a sort of contrast to the throwback feel of the beat/lyrics of the song, which is quite interesting! Before visiting his social media pages, I assumed the art that went along with his music to have an old-fashioned look to it but I was pleasantly surprised! The galactic look to COPA’s work is the futuristic contrast to the 90’s vibe to his songs. All in all, I suggest anyone who is a fan of 90’s hip hop as well as South African hip hop to definitely check out COPA’s work, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Here are the various links to his social media/ songs:



Sound Cloud:


Review: “Str8 Up” by Phlow

This week, I had the pleasure to review a song called “Str8 Up” by a Lagos based female hip hop artist: Phlow. She’s apart of Str8Buttah Productions crew and has a lot of other work out like her EP, “Mind, Body & Phlow”, her upcoming LP “Flux” and consistently features DJ Teck-Zilla who helps with instrumentals in most of her work. My first impression of the accompanied video was, “Wow! This is unique!”. Not only did I like the production of the video, setting and good quality, but the way the video was structured was quite unique! Here and there the lyrics would be animated on the screen to  emphasize the expressions of Phlow which was different than what I usually see in hip hop music videos. Not only that, but the beat to this song is like the young-ins say nowadays is “fire emoji”! I realized my head was bopping to the beat without much work. The beat had a modern hip-hop feel and went pretty well with Phlow’s lyrics. The overall feel of the song/video had a tough but determined and unapologetic theme to it which can definitely relate to a majority of how our recent female hip hop artists portray themselves in their songs/music videos today. All in all, I’d definitely give Phlow a round of applause for the effort put into the production and content of her music, it should not be unnoticed! Her unique unapologetic style is very inspiring not only for females in the music industry, but females like myself, who aren’t artists but can appreciate and respect other women for expressing themselves without anyone else’s permission or approval. Needless to say, Phlow has just gained a new fan!

Here are links to her works:

YouTube video to “Str8 Up”:




Review: “ThIS THat” by LDK

I had the pleasure of reviewing the work of an up and coming artist named “LDK”. As some background info, this specific piece of work from LDK was an response due to his silence and inactivity in the music industry as well as personal issues which are expressed lyrically in the song. I appreciated the candor in this particular song. Many people, including myself, can relate to the reality of life when things aren’t going as planned, especially when being approached by personal struggles and challenges that need to be overcome. Although, the idea of the song portrays specific struggles being met by the artist, they also express how he endured and became triumphant through those personal issues, which can be a reminder for others that the very struggles we go through can definitely serve as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth of not only our inner selves, but outside aspects and indirect interventions as well.

I’ve also observed LDK’s other works like his “Rebel Friday” freestyles and such, which are pretty nice to listen to, most specifically because of the beats behind them. I also like the theme of the freestyle video, it gave me a kind of “throwback” vibe/feel with the black & white and pin-up kind of style/dress to the work, definitely my type of theme. My message to LDK would be to keep up the good work! It is always wonderful to see artists express themselves through music that can relate to a plethora of other individuals that can relate! All in all, I applaud LDK and his passion. I’d recommend LDK’s work to anyone who likes and is looking to support up and coming African artists, you wont regret it!

Here are streams/links to LDK’s song and Rebel Friday freestyle:

“ThIS THat” song stream:

You can connect with LDK here:

Twitter: @LDK_TheNoble

WhatsApp/Contact Digits: 074 620 8565

I.G: @ldk_thenoble





Review: “Haiyo” by Clumsy ft. MarazA

I had the pleasure of reviewing Clumsy (full name is Mr. Moeketsi Maesela), an up and coming South African Hip Hop artist and the release of his official music video of the song “Haiyo” featuring another South African artist named MarazA. My initial thought when viewing this music video was, “what great quality!”. It has great quality and looks like the production of it was well performed and thought out. Although the overall layout in the background of each segment/setting looked simple, the video was very well produced and the idea/theme and story behind the song definitely showed itself throughout each part. The theme that I perceived was that of struggle and making ends meet for the main character in the video. The scene showed the main character looking for food in his home and looking distraught. I found the way the main character went about his struggle/poverty interesting and disheartening but needed. The character chose to use violence and crime to resolve his issues instead of trying to mend his problems through normal legal ways, by attempting to rob a convenient store. In regards to the overall message of the song, the music video definitely highlighted certain ideas I wouldn’t have thought were being shown if I were to listen to just the song audio itself. It evoked emotion and interest from the audience (myself) which I’m sure was the goal of the video. I applaud Haiyo for such great quality and thought provoking themes in his content, even his other works have quality that is parallel in nature! I will keep Clumsy in mind in my future search for great South African Hip Hop artists! I can definitely consider myself a new fan!

Here is the link to Haiyo’s video on YouTube:


Download on Audiomack & Zippyshare here:

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