Review: “Haiyo” by Clumsy ft. MarazA

I had the pleasure of reviewing Clumsy (full name is Mr. Moeketsi Maesela), an up and coming South African Hip Hop artist and the release of his official music video of the song “Haiyo” featuring another South African artist named MarazA. My initial thought when viewing this music video was, “what great quality!”. It has great quality and looks like the production of it was well performed and thought out. Although the overall layout in the background of each segment/setting looked simple, the video was very well produced and the idea/theme and story behind the song definitely showed itself throughout each part. The theme that I perceived was that of struggle and making ends meet for the main character in the video. The scene showed the main character looking for food in his home and looking distraught. I found the way the main character went about his struggle/poverty interesting and disheartening but needed. The character chose to use violence and crime to resolve his issues instead of trying to mend his problems through normal legal ways, by attempting to rob a convenient store. In regards to the overall message of the song, the music video definitely highlighted certain ideas I wouldn’t have thought were being shown if I were to listen to just the song audio itself. It evoked emotion and interest from the audience (myself) which I’m sure was the goal of the video. I applaud Haiyo for such great quality and thought provoking themes in his content, even his other works have quality that is parallel in nature! I will keep Clumsy in mind in my future search for great South African Hip Hop artists! I can definitely consider myself a new fan!

Here is the link to Haiyo’s video on YouTube:


Download on Audiomack & Zippyshare here:

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