Artist Music Review: “KMG” and “Yung Swiss”

I had the pleasure to review a song under Kalakuta music, which is the only Pan African and bilingual record label in the Ivory Coast. This song is called “My Lady” by KMG, a group, featuring “EZZDEAN DUANE” an artist, and collaboration with “MALA ADAMO”, a comedian. This was interesting to listen to since it consisted of lyrics in english, french and yoruba. Since I am not too familiar with understanding french or yoruba, I used my context clues to figure out what the lyrics meant while watching the video and it was quite funny to observe. The comedian in collaboration with the group brought a comedic feel to the scenes he was featured in which made me laugh out loud. Also, the lyrics were quite catchy. I caught myself saying the lyrics towards the end of the video even though I didn’t know what they meant, which not to mention, meshed pretty well with the Afrobeat in the background. Overall, KMG created a pretty cool song I will definitely “bump” to in the future!

As for the second reviewed artist “Yung Swiss”, his two songs were great! One song is called “For the Nation” and the other is “Don’t Go There” featuring “Casino”. They both had a mix of R&B/Hip Hop feel to them. My favorite song out of the two is, “Don’t Go There” mostly because of the beat. If I like a beat to a song, no matter how good the lyrics are, I always find myself putting the song on repeat. This song definitely had one of those types of beats. The lyrics were also quite catchy too. I’ve played it about five times already writing this post! Bravo to Yung Swiss, I’m a new fan and will inquire about the rest of his work and give him a listen!

Here’s the link to KMG’s video:

Here’s the streaming link to Yung Swiss’s two songs:

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