Review: “I Love You All” by Zee

I had the pleasure to review the song called “I Love You All” by Zee, an African Rap artist who’s song has been premiered on DJ Fresh’s FreshAt5 on 5FM. The first thing that caught my attention was the lyricism in this song. The lyrics were accompanied with a not-so-loud beat that was easily “bumpable”. Whilst listening, I could definitely relate to the lyrics which made the song easily put on repeat, especially when he put a play on the “bird and the bees” concept and adding a little twist to it by saying, “I see you talk the bees, but what about the birds…get it, birds and the bees? but girl I ain’t a tease” because the word “bird” in our popular slang culture is meant to be defined as a young girl (possibly stupid) and the opposite would be the bees or (possible stupid) men. As I proceeded to listen to the song, it made me somewhat smile only because he talks highly about women instead of the usually degrading descriptions given to women by a majority of rap artists who see women as objects. Zee also says “please don’t take offense, I hope you understand….sincerely yours, Zee, your biggest fan” and proclaims that all women are perfect the way they are and that he loves all of them. Now that is what I’m talking about! I would recommend anyone that likes listening to African rap/hiphop songs to give this song a listen. Overall, the song was quite refreshing in regards to the lyrics and pretty decent song. I’m definitely keeping it in my arsenal of songs on iTunes for when I want to listen to it again. I am definitely going to inquire about the rest of Zee’s work because he’s just gained a fan!

Here are links to his song/social media:

IG: @zeenoir

Facebook: @ThisIsZee1

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