“Revelation” – JB D’ General

JB D’ General, born James K.  Williams, is a 31 year old Liberian rapper who makes up half of the HipCo duo Soul Fresh. JB was born in Bong County, Liberia and raised in Monrovia. The artist is not only a rapper, but also a writer and producer.  The duo Soul Fresh got their start in 2006 and made their claim to fame through their hit songs “Monrovia Skatta” in 2013 and “Ebola is Real” in 2014.   They have also won several awards including Best Group at the Liberian Music Awards in 2014 and were nominated for Best HipCo artist at the 2019 Liberian Entertainment Awards.   

In his song “Revelation” released in April of 2020, we get to see JB show off his skills outside of the duo.  The song was released during the beginning of the global pandemic and his lyrics offer his own perspective on the state of the world during that time.  The song is named after the last book of the Christian Bible, “Revelation” that predicts the end times.  JB uses this to compare what is predicted in the book to what is currently happening in the world while also offering social commentary.  It is clear that the rapper does not just see the pandemic as a rare occurrence, but as a man made problem that is being used as a tool for population control.  He warns the audience to stay vigilant and prepared because the end times are near.  

JB’s content accurately represents the hip hop style indigenous to Liberia, HipCo.  HipCo artists often use their music to address political and social issues.  JB stays true to this through addressing the most pressing issue across the world right now.  He also identifies past problems in Liberia’s history like war, natural disaster and the ebola outbreak to show that the current pandemic is the next step towards the inevitable rapture.  

Twitter: @jbsoulfresh

YouTube: Soul Fresh Official

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