Pro Poor Agenda – Bucky Raw

This song is called Pro Poor Agenda by Bucky Raw. This song elaborates upon all the injustices and grievances within Liberia. It delves into the

“Revelation” – JB D’ General

JB D’ General, born James K.  Williams, is a 31 year old Liberian rapper who makes up half of the HipCo duo Soul Fresh. JB

The Accountability Lab’s Voice2Rep: Creating Opportunity for Liberian Artists

Since 2015, The Accountability Lab has created Voice2Rep, or Voice to Represent (and formally Rap2Rep) to bring together the Liberian musical community for good. It

Takun J: Liberian Rapper and Activist

Takun J is an Liberian hipco artist whose music is known to focus on societal issues including the injustices against his people. As an activist