Pro Poor Agenda – Bucky Raw

This song is called Pro Poor Agenda by Bucky Raw. This song elaborates upon all the injustices and grievances within Liberia. It delves into the spread of Ebola, the horrific and heinous slave trade in Liberia; in the song we find out that America partook in the Liberian slave trade; “people they was selling to America. This song is a cry for help. It is a song filled with pain, and a song that embodies the wounds the Liberian people have faced due to the government’s failures, and the weariness of the souls of the people. It states that everybody is turning to the president for help but to absolutely no avail. The song also compares the treatment of citizens to that of dog poop. It proceeds to shed light on treachery of the government; the rapper believes that Ebola did not derive from the illness and uncleanness of an animal like the government had convinced citizens it had, but that it instead derived from the government testing out a chemical, practically using the citizens as guinea pigs. We hear that even children are not exempt from the government’s relentless violence; it states that even children were being beaten and chastised for having a peaceful rally. Bucky Raw states that the academics are poor, so we see that the school system is failing its children terribly; neither justice nor proper education is being served. The rapper even goes so far as to say that the whole Liberia has become a funeral; the entire country is dying at the hands of the government. He describes the political parties as merely a difficult party, further attesting to the fact that the government does not hear nor care for its citizens and their grievances. The rapper believes that quite literally everything going on in this country is a travesty of justice and a tragedy; the lyrics state that there is “poor food, poor living, poor choices, poor humanity, poor voices, and poor economy” . Pro poor agenda is a title that truly captures the essence of the feelings of Bucky Raw in regards to the occurrences in Liberia. 

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