Reserved vs Revealed: Femcees

Both Miss Celaneous and Kanyi are hip hop femcees that hail from the country of South Africa. Despite the fact that both artists are from the same country their styles and dress couldn’t be more different. In Miss Celaneous’ video #TRAPEM she expresses her sexuality in terms of the way she dresses as well as her delivery within the video physically and verbally. Miss Celaneous’ lyrics are in English and she describes sexual acts within her lyrics. Miss Celaneous wears shorts and has on revealing clothes throughout the music video. In terms of American society and cultural norms Miss Celaneous is dressed regular and not too revealing; however, as we discussed in class, shorts and exposed shoulders can be seen as provocative in African countries.

In comparison to Miss Celaneous fellow hip hop femcee Kanyi in her video Ungalibali takes an alternative path. Kanyi’s dress as well as her content and mannerisms are in stark comparison to Miss Celaneous’. Kanyi’s song is about attempting to stay true to herself and identity. In the music industry maintaining an image as a femcee that isn’t provocative is difficult because it doesn’t feed consumer’s want for a sexy female rapper. Kanyi’s style differs greatly from Miss Celaneous she has more of a tomboy type of appearance she wears a snap back and baggy clothes.


As a hip hop femcee it is difficult to decide the type of persona one wishes to adopt. She has to choose wether she wants to portray a sexy image or less sexual tomboy type of image. However this begs the question why do femcees have to chose? Why can’t a femcee dress as she feels comfortable and appropriate? One day she may want to sex it up while on another occasion she may feel more comfortable in baggy clothing. Black women aren’t able to change fluidly in between different personas the same way white women are. Femcees should have the same right to represent themselves in the way they please at any time or moment wether it be reserved or revealed.

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