Heritage: Home to Here

In K’naan’s song Nothing to Lose feat. Nas K’naan comes to terms with his Somali culture and heritage and how it influenced him when first immigrating to

Reserved vs Revealed: Femcees

Both Miss Celaneous and Kanyi are hip hop femcees that hail from the country of South Africa. Despite the fact that both artists are from the

US vs South African Music Video

The two music videos I will be comparing is All Eyes on Me by AKA and Pop That by French Montana. The striking similarity in both

Ghana’s Hip Hop Artists

In this post I will analyze two different Ghanaian hip hop artists. The first is rapper Edem who has released two albums in his career

Nigeria’s Modern Day Musical Renaissance

With widespread popularity of music artists from Nigeria to other countries it is no surprise that Nigerian’s music scene is experiencing a rebirth in it’s own