Realism, Rap , and Senegal!

Gaston’s Bay Jëwriñ music video was very hardcore. I felt like I understood his intent without hearing his message. The video concentrated on the artist’s face and the entourage in the video , which leads me to believe that attention grabber was the message he was delivering.His delivery made me believe that he was passionate  about what he was saying. The video stood out to me because unlike many famous hip hop artist, it gave no attention to materialism, instead the setting was rough to to match his hardcore lyrics.

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Gaston, from Senegalese, not only speaks french, but actually went to live in France with his mother. I read it was there he was introduced to Hip Hop, before he returned to Senegal. Through research I was also very pleased to find out that since the start of Gaston’s music career he has had a sort of political agenda. In a biography post written on Gaston, he stated he believed, “The world is in a state of moral, spiritual, and social crisis.”  He even dedicated an album that focused on issues present in the Senegalese community. I believe that Gaston’s early exposure to the music world along with the perspective he may have acquired from living in France for a few years enabled him to be the artist he is.  I am reminded of the New Type of Senegalese as Gaston is also seeking to change the mentality of those who listen to his music. Gaston being a mainstream artist comes to no surprise as the Senagal rap culture is to be conscious, as he is.

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