It’s A Party : A Review of Turnt by Branco

Branco’s Turnt is what I would classify as a party song, as the song title suggests. While listening to the song I wanted to dance

The African Dream the American Way !

M.anifest is an African hip hop artist from Ghana. Upon examining his song Coming to America, I cannot help but to think of the American

QueenTalk with FeMC’s

Lady Leshurr is an English rapper, singer, and producer. Lady Leshurr’s Queen Speech 4 video, from her Queen Speech series, went viral this past year.

Realism, Rap , and Senegal!

Gaston’s Bay Jëwriñ music video was very hardcore. I felt like I understood his intent without hearing his message. The video concentrated on the artist’s

A Commercialized Sound

After listening to the song a couple times, African Hip Hop artist eMTee’s song “We Up” in my opinion was on the outskirts of the