Poe: Biography

Poe was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. When people meet him they do not think he is a rapper, instead they believe he is either an engineer, philosopher, or doctor. He has intellectual conversations with people he meets, which is why people think he is something other than a rapper. He started getting into music when he started going to college. He went to a college in North Carolina. He met a guy named Jeff that would produce beats, and one day he asked if he could write lyrics for his beats. Poe had no music experience at the time, but he decided to give it a try. His friend Jeff ended up liking his verse. Later he got into music when he formed a group named “Lyrically Equipped” with his friends Jeff and Kurt. He began to get better at his music when he was in the group.

He was inspired by groups like Little Brother, Slum Village, and Lupe. By hearing those groups, he was fascinated by the creativity of their wordplay. He would use his imagination to come up with his lyrics. When Poe graduated from college he knew he wanted to continue with his music career. His mother helped introduce him to a guy named Tec from SDC. They played each other songs they had made separately and they automatically clicked and began working together. When he started writing music with “Show Dem Camp (SDC) that is when people started noticing him and really wanting to know more about him and listen to his music. Although he was not officially part of (SDC) people believed that he was which got him noticed. He is an independent rapper, but he does say that working with (SDC) opened a lot of doors for him. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with them because they are like family to him. He is a talented hip hop artist on the rise for success.

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