Poe: Biography

Poe was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. When people meet him they do not think he is a rapper, instead they believe he is

Poe : Music Review

Poe’s music is overall very good. He incorporates American sounding hip hop while still including his Nigerian culture in his music. He likes to experiment

Ko-Jo Cue: Music Review

Ko-jo Cus’s music has been successful so far. His biggest song was “Corral Music”. This song made it to the radio on its own, which

Ko-Jo Cue : Biography

Ko-Jo Cue was born on May 27 in Ghana. He was a son to teenage parents that were not able to raise him. His grandmother

Keko : Music Review

Keko’s music shows her talent. One single that showed her talent was a song called “Go Green”. In this song she spoke about one important

Keko: Biography

Keko’s full name is Jocelyne Tracey Keko. She was born on June 3, 1987 in Tororo, Uganda. Her parents were from Japadhola. Keko is a

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