Keko: Biography

Keko’s full name is Jocelyne Tracey Keko. She was born on June 3, 1987 in Tororo, Uganda. Her parents were from Japadhola. Keko is a famous Ugandan rapper. She was very influential as a hip hop artist in Africa in 2011. She first began to get noticed when she released a single named “Fallen Heroes”. In this song artist like Don Mc, Sp, Davis, and a Mwanba children choir were featured. After that single came out, people were impressed with her delivery and most of all her lyrics. She later got on MTV Africa when her song “How We Do It” became well known on the Ugandan charts. After that she became famous in East Africa. This song was a success in Keko’s music career. Because of this song eventually even Pepsi wanted her to endorse their brand. She also led the Mountain Dew advertising campaign in East Africa.

Once her music career began to rapidly evolve, she was asked to perform at the annual selam festival. This festival took place in Ethiopia. She is a performer by nature. In every event she would perform at people would be impressed. When she performed at the festival it helped open other doors to new opportunities for Keko. Then she was invited to perform with other African artist at the “Big Brother Africa 6”. The “Big Brother Africa” is a show in South Africa. After that her next single named “Alwoo” which means cry for help, also became very successful. Overall she has had many successes in her life and she continues to get new opportunities. She is a talented woman that has been able to be a positive influence for people. Also she is inspirational to women because there are not that many African women who rap. She happens to be one hip hop artist that has proved to be successful among male hip hop artist.

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