Barz-iller : Music Review

Bar-iller’s music is very good. Although he is very young, he proved that he has talent when it comes to making music. He considers himself 60% poet and 40% rapper. His poetic lyrics get the attention of his viewers because of the different stories he tells in his music. His content delivery is well established in his songs. He is diverse in the languages he incorporates in his music. He can go from rapping in english, to rapping in sotho, and change to afrikaans easily. His different choices of language also make his music great because different cultures are able to understand his lyrics. He makes music that African people can listen to, and he also makes music that Americans can listen to. The main reason why he gives it his all in all of his singles is because he is afraid of failure. He works even harder in his music to avoid being a failure. Barz-iller makes music to become someone in life. He is an inspiration to kids who have dreams of being a rapper because he started off so young and became a successful rapper/hip hop artist. He is determined to make great music so that he can be financially stable and one day raise a family that will not have to struggle financially like he has growing up. His music is inspiring. People from any age group can relate to the topics he talks about in his songs.

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