Ko-Jo Cue : Biography

Ko-Jo Cue was born on May 27 in Ghana. He was a son to teenage parents that were not able to raise him. His grandmother and aunts raised him. His fathers side of the family were from the ghetto, while his mother’s side of the family were more wealthy. He lived with his father’s side of the family for some time. While living there he experienced poverty and struggles. When he started living with relatives from his mother’s side, he got to see how the wealthy people live. He began to want to be more than a rapper, he wanted to incorporate politics in his music as well. He was influenced by Fela, Nkrumah, Lumumba and Sankara, instead of just being influenced by hip hop artist. Ko-Jo Cue became a hip hop artist from Ghana. He is a Kumasi resident. Ko-Jo Cue is a Pan-Africanist. He is signed to BBnz, He has been releasing music as a professional since 2010. He thinks of music as a fine art.

He did a mixtape that many people liked so he was inspired to do more. Three months after his first mixtape was released, he released another three tapes. One of his mixtape was called “Before We Shine”. This album was about the struggles teenagers face in Kumasi. This album was a very thought out series of short stories that had to do with everything Ko-Jo Cue went through in order to reach manhood. He turned his short stories into a full album that caught the attention of his viewers. He did a song called “Success Story” that had to do with him growing up in poverty versus when he attended a school full of rich kids. Before he began his music career, he was a student at the Ghana Institute Of Journalism, where he received a BA in communications. He is an intelligent artist is continuing his music career.

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