Mr Bless: Biography

Mr. Bless’s real name is Mandla Chabalala. He was born on April 16, 1991 in Limpopo Zebediela. Mr. Bless lived in a rural area named Dinamuneng. Later in 1998 he decided to move to a township called Mamelodi. He has various talents. Mr. Bless is a rapper, vocalist, motivational speaker, song writer, and also a short story writer. Since he is involved with writing, it is an advantage for him as a hip hop artist. He can write his own lyrics which is great for his career. He can fit in mainly any genre of music. Although, he is better at hip hop then any of the other genres. Hip Hop is the main style of music that he enjoys. He released to singles named “U” and “Keep On Popping”. They received positive feedback from people. He is not signed to any label. He has already made an album titled “The Struggle Of Bless”. He released this album on April 16, 2014. Not only does he do music but he in involved with other projects such as speaking to people in events.

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