Barz-iller : Biography

Barz-iller’s real name is Nobi Khuele. He is from Bloemfontein, South Africa. His father was a drummer. Barz-iller’s passion for music started when he saw the music video “To Live Your Life” by TI ft. Rhianna. When he saw TI standing in the booth in the music video, Barz got inspired. He went to his cousin who was a DJ and a producer in his hometown Ficksburg to ask him if he could help him make a song. His cousin agreed to help him. Barz-iller made his first song. Eventually, he started to get self conscious about himself. He felt that he was not “cool enough” to be a hip hop artist. He got inspired once again when he saw a crew from his hometown performing at a local gig. After that experience, he was determined to become a rapper. He wanted to use music to build his reputation. He was in the seventh grade at the time.

Iin January 2009 he met Justice “Lincoln Black” Makhapa. Barz-iller has been working with him ever since. In November 11, 2014 he released a single named “Hunger Games”. He considers it a “hustler anthem”. This song talks about his life. He said that making the song was very difficult for him because he spoke about personal stories and he became emotional when he was writing the lyrics. He pore his heart out in the verses of that song. He knew that although he was going through difficult times, some people go through the similar stories, which made his music relatable. He is very young and is already getting recognized by audiences of many age groups. He is a talented person that has been successful so far. More opportunities will be available for him because of his enthusiasm to be one of the best hip hop artist.

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