Ko-Jo Cue: Music Review

Ko-jo Cus’s music has been successful so far. His biggest song was “Corral Music”. This song made it to the radio on its own, which shows how good the song came to be. When Ko-Jo Cue released the song it was said that people spoke about it on twitter for about a week. This song influenced people through the lyrics. He named one of his mixtapes “The Shinning”. The shinning is the name of a movie by Stephen King. Ko-Jo Cue is inspired by Stephen King which is why he named his mixtape after his movie. His music is very creative. He does not only talk about things going on in life but he finds a way to relate things like the movie “The Shinning” to other things. For example Ko-Jo Cue says that The Shinning is a reminder of himself. I like the fact that he uses metaphors in his music so that people have to really pay attention and unravel the meaning if his lyrics.

His music is a way for him to express his thoughts and influence people. Ko-Jo Cue’s music is a reflection of his personality. In his music he wants to inspire “ghetto kids” to become anyone that they want to become. Although he raps, he says that his gift is writing. In all, Ko-Jo Cue is very talented and has a way of incorporating his creative thoughts into his music. Ko-Jo Cue makes sure to show his love for Ghana and his pride in being a black man. I like the fact that he does not forget where he came from and is appreciative that all the experiences he faced made him such a great hip hop artist. His songs are a testimony of his life and he is very honest and open to tell his stories. This is why many people can relate to his music.

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