Keko : Music Review

Keko’s music shows her talent. One single that showed her talent was a song called “Go Green”. In this song she spoke about one important subject, which is climate awareness. This song proves her talent because of the creativity to chose to use. Instead of rapping about subjects that most people expect all hip hop artist to speak about, she chose to speak about topics that are important for the world to know and relate to. People who rap do not talk about subject matters such as climate awareness, which makes Keko’s music stand out from other hip hop songs and other hip hop artist as well. She is very creative with the topics she chooses to talk about in her music.

Her music became successful in a short amount of time. Keko’s music was so successful that she was asked to perform in a couple of shows in South Africa. Her music is overall diverse and unique. She brings in new ideas to the hip hop culture, and that is was gets her audience’s attention and what makes her music so great. Many people enjoy her music because it is relatable and they enjoy her lyrics. Other topics that she discusses in her music is about domestic violence, everyday struggles that people face, triumph, and most importantly success. She is a positive role model for her fan base and for anyone that chooses to listen to her music. In all, her music is very consistent. Her lyrics and performance are great as well. She is a talented artist, who delivers great music.

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