Poe : Music Review

Poe’s music is overall very good. He incorporates American sounding hip hop while still including his Nigerian culture in his music. He likes to experiment new things in his music. Many times he raps in English. Where he is from in Lagos, Nigeria it is mixed. Although there are more people that do not speak english only the few people that do speak or understand english like his music. This is one of the main reasons he is more popular in english speaking areas. He says that “it is all about establishing your fan base”. In his music he like to write lyrics that give hope to the people. Music is a good way to promote hope, and that is was he does. The topics that he raps about are relatable to people in Africa as well as people from America. I like the fact that his music resembles American hip hop, while still managing to incorporate his culture into his songs.

He has released many singles that have got positive feedback. He is looking to make a mixtape very soon, and he says it will not disappoint. After making his fans wait so long for him to produce an a mixtape, he said he is going to make sure that it is great and well thought out. What attracts his people to listen to his music is his voice, delivery and his wordplay. His creativity is shown through his choice of words and presentation. He is working on his first mixtape that I am sure will be liked by many. He already selected the producers he wants to work with in his mixtape. Overall Poe’s music is creative and has a lot of potential to become known worldwide.

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