Patty Monroe: The Pop Emcee

Patty Monroe is pop meets hip-hop all wrapped in on woman. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa and it’s evident that this nineteen year old is taking the music scene by storm. Unlike other South African emcee’s, she brings a vibe that is similar to Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, with her flow and pop sound. It is fresh, new take on hip-hop that is much appreciated. Change is good.

She spits sexually charged lyrics over high energy, upbeat beats in her song “High Fashion”. The music video gives off strong “modernized 80’s” feels with the bright colors, big hair, high waisted shorts, and crop tops. Not to mention, Monroe’s bright red glasses that SCREAM 1985.

Besides the setting, her lyrics don’t fit the 80’s groove much. She is essentially talking about being the boss and questioning if these men out here are man enough for her. Monroe says “It’s a mans world/ we just living in it/ its my world/ don’t give me lip my man”. She is declaring her rights as a woman one line at a time. Then she goes on to announce that she is “doing shit you ain’t never seen/ I be the mascot and the star/ player of the team”.

It is not uncommon for African female emcees flaunt their femininity but, Patty does this in a way that almost seems as if no man can be good for her. But, maybe that’s her purpose. To put herself so high on a pedestal that she is seemingly untouchable. Now, that’s power.

“High Fashion” can be a seen as an anthem of women’s empowerment, self-empowerment, or maybe even just a pop bop. But however you see this, Patty Monroe has taken the hip-hop scene by storm with her unconventional style of hip-hop that broadcasts her sexuality and showcases her artistic abilities in a way that’s not common among South African emcees.

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