A Younger Generation of South African Women Artists and Societal Expectations

Since the arrival of hip hop on the continent, South Africa has birthed and housed some of the most notable

I like it like this.

Women in hip hop. The concept isn’t a new one in this day and age but the industry’s acceptance has

Black Girl Magic

The power of women on the hip hop scene is growing each day in Africa. Female hip hop artist often struggle

African Hip Hop Femcees

Female emcees in Africa are challenging the traditional roles of Women in hip hop while also changing the direction of

Patty Monroe: The Pop Emcee

Patty Monroe is pop meets hip-hop all wrapped in on woman. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa and

Patty Monroe and “High Fashion”

Patty Monroe is emerging as a new lyricist rapper in the African hip hop. With her singles “High Fashion” and