Patty Monroe and “High Fashion”

patty monroe
Patty Monroe’s cover for “High Fashion”

Patty Monroe is emerging as a new lyricist rapper in the African hip hop. With her singles “High Fashion” and “Talk” she mixes club beats with some complex lines to create catchy songs that have attracted a lot of attention. Born and raised in Cape Town’s suburbs, at 19 years old she has a record deal with Afterlife Talent. She has collaborated with a serious group of rappers in her small tenure and only plans on doing bigger things. Inspired by American rappers such as MC Lyte and Missy Elliot, she says she doesn’t want to just talk about “tits-and-ass” but has a real message to tell. “I don’t want to be looked at as a fence but as an emcee”. “High Fashion” explains just that.

The music video has a super pop feel, similar to Iggy Azalea’s early videos. With two back up dancers, bright pieces of square  paper fluttering behind her, and bright red glasses; she explains how she is now “high fashion should be up in London” and that she’s “been the riddim”. The bass is heavy with light tinkering in the back that makes the song a club hit as well as something you would replay on your own. Lyrics like “got em jaws hanging on em floors, wide open like a 24 hour store” contrast with other lines that contain a little more substance. I think Patty Monroe does a sufficient job of not just focusing on dudes with no money, or how she’s on top but really crafting lyrics instead of simple lines.

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