No One ~ Morale

Despite rap beef, origin, and style every rapper and hip hop artist all have one thing in common, they rap and rhythm about where they came from, the success they have attained, and where they hope to go as they brag and boast along the way. This is no exception for Thabo Malefane or commonly referred to as Morale who is trend setting hip hop artist and independent record label owner from Soweto, South Africa. He is known for his unorthodox flows and vivid images as his expresses himself over multinominated tracks. He tell stories of life, dreams, and money through the eyes of a street narrator.

No One” is the second song off Morale successful album Smile, Clap, & Bow. He says how no one can “do it like I do” as well as ‘money, cash, money cars, hoes‘ (Jay-Z; Money, Cash, Hoes). Morale  goes on to describes how he has multiple girls in every city. I think it’s interesting how he is an African artist but makes a lot of mainstream American references such as he can’t go steady with Halley Berry, he has a face tattoo like Baby from Cash Money Records and Atlanta artist Gucci Mane, he sees no competition like the blind sensation’ Stevie Wonder, and his so called competitors are “getting beaten like Rihanna sadly”. His ability to connect popular American culture to his own life and lifestyle shows there is not many differences between American and African Hip Hop culture.

Morale’s sound is international  and has an urban flare to is great from radios, clubs, and social events. His delivery, vocals, and word play is of platinum quality.

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