Khuli Chana ~ No More Hunger

Khuli Chana is South African born and bred and a talented musician who has an impeccable skill of rhyming in vernacular rap. What is interesting

Blessed & Highly Favored ft. The Soil ~ Proverb

Tebogo “Proverb” Thekisho is a South African Hip Hop recording artist, MC, lecturer, brand ambassador, television and radio personality best known for hosting South American

Morale ~ Nothing Last Forever

As we all know, this is my third blog on Hip-Hop award winning, proud CEO owner, and trend setter Morale from Soweto, South Africa. The

No One ~ Morale

Despite rap beef, origin, and style every rapper and hip hop artist all have one thing in common, they rap and rhythm about where they came

Morale ~ “Black Diamond”

Morale /məˈral/: the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person. Thabo Malefan, commonly referred to Morale, is an influentially awarding winning Hip-Hop artist for Soweto,