Morale ~ Nothing Last Forever

As we all know, this is my third blog on Hip-Hop award winning, proud CEO owner, and trend setter Morale from Soweto, South Africa. The first time I read Morale’s biography it stated his music was good for clubs, nightlife, and social events, but as I listened to him I became curious to see what else he could bring to the table and I was not let down. The first song I reviewed was a very conscious song about living in the fast life and as a result losing it so quick, Black Diamond. The second review on the song No One was more of  a club banger as Morale bragged about boasted about his luxury life. This third review shows his diversity in his music and lyrics.

Nothing Last Forever is  the first track on the album Nothing Last Forever and is a very heart wrenching sad love song. He starts the song by saying he told her he care about her million times. He gave this woman his all and now the pain he is encountering cannot be erased. One would assume the woman broke up with him and he does not know how to move on. The chorus is him asking if he is dreaming and how bad his heart is bleeding. The next verse is where the whole circumstance changes. “My girl with Jesus, up in the sky/ one day they’ll be us”. He then describes to his listeners as he was weeping for hours, he wishes he had the cure to cancer.

“Our happiness, your ambiance lost in the past tense.

I’ve been hurt since broken hearted by your absence.”

After hearing multiple Morale tracks, I have gained more respect for his artistry.

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