Blessed & Highly Favored ft. The Soil ~ Proverb

Tebogo “Proverb” Thekisho is a South African Hip Hop recording artist, MC, lecturer, brand ambassador, television and radio personality best known for hosting South American Idol two seasons in a row. Given himself the name proverb, stating a general truth or piece of advice, one could infer that he has no problem taking on the role as the voice of the community. In 2009 Proverb participated in Survivor South African Carolina and finished third making the most amount for his “Bopheto Children’s Home”.

Proverb is clearly instrumental in his community as the song from his album Fourthwrite demonstrates. On the track Blessed & Highly Favored Proverb raps about how “every word of God is flawless…” He goes on to describe how God will shield that leave him in. He tells his listeners that although everyone loses their way and “spend years lost, we confused our faith and let it wear off”, if we pray and put our energy in faith the barriers will be broken and we will progress. As Proverb gets into the chorus he repeated emphasis how blessed he is and how highly in favor his is in the eyes of his God. He states all he that matters is him having is having the love of his Creator, God. Finally, Proverb asked that he be granted with God’s blessing “so I can do your will, so I can spread your name for the youth to feel, so I can lessen the pain that only you can heal, so to achieve this awesome greatness”.

I appreciate that Proverb stays true to his name and differentiates himself from most rappers by straying away from rapping about money, cars, and clothes. He takes a step back to remind the youth that he is very influential to that if you do not have faith or God in your life, you have nothing. Please take the time to click the link and give Proverb a listen.

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