Uganda’s Navio


Another fresh artist doing his Thing in Uganda is an Artist by the Name of Navio. Said to be Uganda’s number 1 hip hop artist, Navio has been making his presence felt for a while now. However, as a Rapper from Uganda you would expect him to rap in his language right? Well think again, Navio spits flows in English. Rather then coming off like some of the artist i have mentioned before, Navio to me, come as close as your gonna get to mainstream artist in the U.S..His lyrics encompass idea about women, going hard for what u want in life, chasing riches in-order to be successful, mother Africa, hustling, and Ganja. His swag reminds of todays American hip-hop artist, his flow is not to radical or rebellious trying to suggesting change, but more party party have a good time. Originally starting out as DV8 of a group called KlearKutt then went to try out a solo career, and has become one of the biggest names in Uganda…

Overall i think he’s cool and i respect his hustle i would prefer that his lyrics pertained to more serious issues in Africa, however i support my brother..

much love too all my brother and sisters doing there thing in Uganda.




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