More Ugandan Hip-Hop

As most already know Hip-Hop comes in all shape and forms, from to the B(Boy), to the DJ, to the Graffiti artist, to the Rappers and Poets. In Uganda it is the same, but its impact on the country is far greater than its impact in the Americas to me. In America usually the artists are using these talents they have to become star and make it big. In Uganda artists are using there talents to reach the lost youth and provide a different from of outlet for them rather than crime or running wild with no real guidance. for Example in Uganda some Bboys have taken it upon them selfs to use hip-hop as a tool in order lure the youth so they can teach them and show them other forms of expressing who they are.. These BBoys are known as Uganda’s,  “Bouncing Cats”

These BBoys shows how breaking and other elements of hip hop can bring youth from different tribes together peacefully and help them all to rebuild a sense of pride and identity as individuals and as african people.

And Not Only Are the fellas Doing their Part in the HipHop game but the ladies are doing their part as well. Considered one of the best female Hip Hop artists in Uganda, she goes by the name of Keko.

Keko is a Ugandan artist who comes from Tororo a. With her cool swag  she has made a major impact on the rap game in Uganda, and is a major inspiration for more upcoming young female artists who feel they’re voices have not been heard in this genre of music expression.

Hotep… Family… Bless

Socially Conscious Rap in Uganda

What up people. Sorry i have been away, but don’t worry i got fresh information on hip-hop in Uganda.  When i first started hearing my  African brothers  rap i couldn’t help but laugh at the off rhyming patterns, or how they wanted to look as  American as possible, but i had it all wrong. Big T-shirts over sized pants, and fitted Baseball caps were some of the styles i noticed. But After some time, and really taking some of the flow in, i began to notice  a big difference in a Ugandan form of rap compared to the American rap game.  The Ugandan artist used the rap game as a  form of platform for change, by talking about political issues that are going on in their country how to deal with poverty, illnesses and disease like AIDS in order to help out where they live. American rappers, not all  but a majority of them, talk about the fast life, having a big house, nice cars, lots of money they don’t have, and sex & drugs. Not really suggesting helping out, but being more concern with only the well being of them selves. So i wanted to once again, introduce even more  artist from Uganda so one can see the difference.


For more info on UGandan hip-hop check out

Uganda’s Navio


Another fresh artist doing his Thing in Uganda is an Artist by the Name of Navio. Said to be Uganda’s number 1 hip hop artist, Navio has been making his presence felt for a while now. However, as a Rapper from Uganda you would expect him to rap in his language right? Well think again, Navio spits flows in English. Rather then coming off like some of the artist i have mentioned before, Navio to me, come as close as your gonna get to mainstream artist in the U.S..His lyrics encompass idea about women, going hard for what u want in life, chasing riches in-order to be successful, mother Africa, hustling, and Ganja. His swag reminds of todays American hip-hop artist, his flow is not to radical or rebellious trying to suggesting change, but more party party have a good time. Originally starting out as DV8 of a group called KlearKutt then went to try out a solo career, and has become one of the biggest names in Uganda…

Overall i think he’s cool and i respect his hustle i would prefer that his lyrics pertained to more serious issues in Africa, however i support my brother..

much love too all my brother and sisters doing there thing in Uganda.