Socially Conscious Rap in Uganda

What up people. Sorry i have been away, but don’t worry i got fresh information on hip-hop in Uganda.  When i first started hearing my  African brothers  rap i couldn’t help but laugh at the off rhyming patterns, or how they wanted to look as  American as possible, but i had it all wrong. Big T-shirts over sized pants, and fitted Baseball caps were some of the styles i noticed. But After some time, and really taking some of the flow in, i began to notice  a big difference in a Ugandan form of rap compared to the American rap game.  The Ugandan artist used the rap game as a  form of platform for change, by talking about political issues that are going on in their country how to deal with poverty, illnesses and disease like AIDS in order to help out where they live. American rappers, not all  but a majority of them, talk about the fast life, having a big house, nice cars, lots of money they don’t have, and sex & drugs. Not really suggesting helping out, but being more concern with only the well being of them selves. So i wanted to once again, introduce even more  artist from Uganda so one can see the difference.


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