Ma Revolution- Didier Awadi

The song I used for this blog post is “Ma Revolution” by Senegalese artist and PBS founder Didier Awadi. The reason why I choose this song is because this song reminds me of my father who really loved this song, and when I mentioned to him about this assignment, he mentioned to me to use this song. I had done a blog post about PBS and their influence in Senegal. Just like many of his videos, he aims to convey a message and for a change. Like many Senegalese would agree, he is a very down to earth person unlike many hip-hop artists who show off their money and possession. “Ma Révolution” is also a political album. Awadi titles take up and criticize current political and social problems on the African continent, which are regularly associated with European interventions.

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This song came out back in 2013, the meaning behind the lyrics is still powerful. An example, in his video it is filmed in a comment rural area in order to use his environment to help convey his message. The song “Ma Revolution” is essentially a tribute to all that has inspired Didier Awadi’s revolution. First, Awadi’s video begins flashing pictures of prominent heroes in the black community such as Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Samora, and many more at the same time as foreign words popped up on the screen. After each image is displayed Awadi repeats the words “Ma Revolution,” signaling these individuals were influential in his revolution, his change. Then, throughout the course of the video it seems as though Awadi is describing things in his environment that have also fueled his passion for change. Awadi’s video shows that the ancestors of the black community have paved the way for us to demand change and revolution when it is necessary, and apparently Didier Awadi believed that the time is up. In the music video, Awadi portrayed the work of some graffiti artist in Senegal, since it is used as a form of pressing rebellion and defiance. The need for change has peaked and the people are demanding results. 

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