Hip Hop and Chill with Ife, Fatima and Itohan

This is an episode of Hip Hop & Chill with Ife, Fatima and Itohan. In this episode, we discuss Falz The Bad Guy’s latest album, Moral Instruction (2019). We will discussing three songs from the album, and giving our opinion on this wonderful album.

Ma Revolution- Didier Awadi

The song I used for this blog post is “Ma Revolution” by Senegalese artist and PBS founder Didier Awadi. The reason why I choose this

Booba: “C’est pas le quartier qui me quitte; c’est moi j’quitte le quartier”

Booba born as Elle Yaffa by a French mother and Senegalese father in December 9, 1976 is known to be a successful french rapper. Since

Abdoulaye Faux Pas FORCÉ!

In January 2011, a group of Senegalese rappers and journalist created a group called “Y’en a Marre”, which tranlastate to ” we are fed up”

Positive Black Soul- Je ne sais pas

Positive Black Soul (PBS) is one of the first hip-hop groups based in Dakar, Senegal founded in 1989. Didier Sourou Awadi also known as DJ