Abdoulaye Faux Pas FORCÉ!

In January 2011, a group of Senegalese rappers and journalist created a group called “Y’en a Marre”, which tranlastate to ” we are fed up” in french, to protest against ineffective government and register youth to vote. This movement originated as a reaction on Dakar’s frequent power crisis which later led to a resentment of the continous problems in Senegalese society. As a result, this group with no party-affiliation, they helped mobilize Senegalese youth to vote and oust incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade whom served for 12 years. The group was founded by rappers; Fou Malade, Thiat, Kilifeu and 3 other journalists.

“Faux! Pas Forcé”, which translate to “don’t force it” in French, a song composed by rappers, Kilifeu and Simon, from this movement which became an opposition anthem. In the music video, in the first couple minuetes, you see a young man from a common neigborhood wearing a “Faux! Pas Forcé” t-shirt getting a call from a friend to meet him. The young man before heading out he gets his mother’s blessing and went on, which later, his mother and other neighbors joined in. Watching the video, as viewers, we see this sense of community and grassroots movement, having the mother and other elders being part of the movement, gives this sense of ‘it takes a village’ saying. The lyrics are mixed with both French and Wolof, which is a direct representation on the Senegalese population, as these two language are commonly spoken among the people. The song is about Abdoulaye Wade who was seeking a 3rd term and was trying to put his son in power which many Senegalese were against.

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