In a ‘ByO state of Mind’

Rising Zimbabwean rapper, ASAPH, is making waves throughout his community, truly establishing that he is a force to be reckoned with. A native to Bulawayo, ASAPH is heavily influenced by his upbringing in Zimbabwe. His parents, ministers, established faith in him from a young age therefore, he named himself ASAPH who was one of the many authors of the Book of Psalms, he infuses these parts of his life and identity into his music.

ASAPH believes that his music is a force that is going to unite the youth of Zimbabwe and BYO State of Mind perfectly encapsulates the revolution that ASAPH aspires to incite. “BYO State of mind” is an ode to ASAPH’s roots and examines the beauty and dangers of the place he calls home.

The first few bars of the song open with an introduction to the simplicity of the life that many young people are living in Bulawayo. Going out to the clubs, and wearing your chains with a beautiful woman on your arm. The lyrical tone of these first lines are upbeat and reminiscent of an adolescents first night on the town truly exploring the breathe of independence and freedom. While maintaining the same upbeat ensemble of jazz instruments as his beat ASAPH transitions into outlying some of the opposing parts of his community. Speaking on the youth that has been lost to violence to the 15 months you serve in prison for “jacking lychees” ASAPH paints a colorful picture of the streets that raised him. One of my favorite aspects of this song is the chorus where ASAPH repeats “I’m so Bulawayo.” To me this is such a powerful line because it highlights the innate pride that ASAPH has for his hometown and his country. The flow, the beat, the message all coming together to bring awareness and lift up ASAPH’s community.

Don’t sleep on ASAPH, check out his music and socials below!

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