Let’s Topple the Patriarchy

The patriarchy has ingrained itself in all facets of society throughout cultures all over the world. Women from all backgrounds have been subject to overt

AWA Khiwe: making waves from zimbabwe to germany

AWA Khiwe is making an impact on the Zimbabwe rap scene. Ensuring that not only her culture is acknowledged for its beauty, but that it

Kikky Badass the “Party Queen”

Kikky Badass is making waves in the Zimbabwean rap scene with her new album “Bloodline.” This album is a collection of beats for you to

In a ‘ByO state of Mind’

Rising Zimbabwean rapper, ASAPH, is making waves throughout his community, truly establishing that he is a force to be reckoned with. A native to Bulawayo,

“Club Banger” –Curated by Carlprit

Zimbabwean hip-hop artist Carlprit keeps the club spirit alive, amidst a pandemic, with his 2020 release of “Club Banger.” Whether it’s a special occasion, you’re