Kikky Badass the “Party Queen”

Kikky Badass is making waves in the Zimbabwean rap scene with her new album “Bloodline.” This album is a collection of beats for you to move your body to strewn with lyrics evoking a desire for a better future. This album is full of bangers and start the entire work off is “Party Queen,” which was also the first single Kikky released from the album. This song is a dynamic moment of when Hip-hop met Beethoven opening with a a symphony of piano accompanied by her smooth verses. This sone more than anything is an ode to the friendships within Kikky Badass, and how above anything she rides for her friends. She starts the song off with “all I ever want is to ride for my gang gang” affirming that she is there for those who have been real with her from before to the fame. Within the song she mentions how there have been people around just for the clout. As is the struggle with anyone rising to fame there can be times when it is difficult to discern the real ones from the fake trying to hitch a ride to fame. But Kikky isn’t here for any of the fakes she intends to keep producing honest tracks that highlight the power of femininity and harnessing all of her assets.

This song is perfect for any occasion where you are simply trying to get your energy up and have some fun. Whether you’re getting ready for a party or half way through with the function “Party Queen” is guaranteed to entertain. The music video adds another dimension to the overall energy of this work. Kikky and her friends are out being unapologetically badass, as Kikky intended. They are popping bottles, popped out in cute outfits, and driving around in all of the sports cars, simply living their best life. After watching the music video and listening to the track many times there is a distinct parallel that can be drawn between Kikky’s music and female rappers here in the states. The freedom with which she raps and moves her body shows that she is doing so for no one else but herself. Similar to how many female rappers in the states have begun taking back control over the narrative of their bodies and sexuality. This song and entire album is a vibe, and I highly recommend that you get into my girl Kikky Badass.

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